North Dover achieved Adequate Yearly Progress.

Welcome to North Dover Elementary

855 State College Road
Dover, Delaware 19904
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Suzette Marine, Principal
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School Events Calendar

Date Day Time Event
07 Friday   Senator Way Day
08 Saturday 10:00-2:00pm Winter Carnival
10 Monday 12:00pm 3rd Grade Field Trip to CMS
11 Tuesday 6:30pm PTO Meeting
12 Wednesday 12:15pm
WHMS Counselors Visit 4th Grade Students (Gym)
3rd Grade Art Night
14 Friday   Go Green-Wear Green
17 Monday 1:45pm 3rd Grade Get Smart, Don’t Start
18 Tuesday 1:45pm
1st & 2nd Grade Program for School
Extra Time Starts
1st & 2nd Grade Program for Families and Friends
19 Wednesday 3:15pm
Extra Time
School Board Meeting
20 Thursday 3:30pm School Advisory Meeting
21 Friday  
Spring Picture Day
2nd Grade Field Trip to CMS
24 Monday 1:45pm 3rd Grade Get Smart Don’t Start
25 Tuesday  
Marking Period Ends
Extra Time
26 Wednesday 3:15pm Extra Time
27 Thursday 6:00pm 4th Grade Students/Parents Transition Night at WHMS
28 Friday   No School for Students-Professional Development Day

Ms. Kimberly Frock
Teacher of the Year


2013 Recognition School

This recognition is a result of the hard work and dedication of our school community. It takes everyone from Capital
School District’s leadership to students, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and mentors. Mrs. Marine was asked to share what she thought had a significant impact on student achievement. She stated, "It has to be our Go Green culture. Students know that anytime their data is green it’s great because students have reached their benchmarks or proficiency levels and are on track for success. Go Green has become our mantra, having the school community focus on meeting and exceeding expectations both academically and behaviorally. All students are encouraged to be reflective and know their strengths and weaknesses. Students then take this information to set goals, create a plan of action, and work toward achieving those goals with community support. Throughout the school year students reflect on their performance and determine what changes they need to implement to achieve their own personal level of success."

"The North Dover community celebrates student accomplishments, no matter the size by serving as cheerleaders. This in turn inspires students to try their best and creates an eagerness among students to share their personal achievements. Ultimately, we want to motivate students into creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for success and provide them with strategies to achieve all of their life goals."

Thank you to everyone for your help in making this award possible. Together we make a difference.

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